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Graphic Design


The ability to Design means to eliminate the unnecessary elements so the necessary inspire. Color gets you noticed, Design gets results.



Stock, finish, bindery, ...  specifications of a project can be a bit overwelmed, we understand this industry and can help you choose the right solutions for your project.

Packaging Design


Simplicity is balanced by its relationship with the environment. Every product is different.

Packaging is art.

DIgital Publishing


When creativity stirs, it animates a xtyle filled with desire to innovate, to explore, to create and to bring dreams to reality. Digital publishing is a new territory ready to be explored.

Website Design


We create an audience for what we do. The right audience.

We can design to inform, sell or just tell the story, everyone has a story to tell.

App Development


We just like to quote Antoine de Saint Exupéry... "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

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Good Design is a manifestation of the capacity of the human brain to trascend its creativity.

Marketing solutions, engage effectively.

I am not going to lie to you, we get asked many times.. What does Eraxtyle mean?

I know is not a common word you find in the dictionary and you probably google it already and land here.


Well, We are glad you are here, now let me explain...


We live in this Era, generation, period of time, eon, etc..

Everyone contributes to a better world in different areas, we do it through our Xtyle, (I know it may look like a typo, it's not) it is our way to express our ability to design in our time.
Clear, pure, simple. Eraxtyle.


As a team we go as far as our mind goes. We design by choice, inspired by creativity. We also like to question everything, we learn more that way and you will be surprised what we can create. We believe that good design is for everyone and design demands observation.

"We are committed to provide customer satisfaction by designing creative advertising, website design and app development solutions while ensuring cost-efficiency and innovation that exceed customer expectations."


We are as much interested in the smallest details as the whole design, we can work with any budget. Our marketing consultants can direct you in the right direction even if it is something away from our craft.


We are involved in our business community and we have the resources you might need for your business, we just want to help you, we also believe in the power of networking.


If in doubt, contact us, we love to brainstorm for solutions to your business and marketing needs.


Contact Info

By Appointment Only


Phone: 626-297-3613

Mailing: 120 S. Del Mar Ave. #2648

San Gabriel, CA 91778



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